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5 Traits of an Empowered Woman! – Mad Mischief
1.  She takes responsibility for her life

A woman who truly owns her own power also owns where she needs growth. She faces her own wounds and fears and takes responsibility for changing herself. She is constantly pushing her own boundaries and redefining herself. And she knows when to ask for help… because we can’t do this journey all alone.

2.  She dances to the beat of her own drum

Empowered women know they are the authors of their own experience. When you heal and clear old beliefs, programs and patterns that are not your highest truth, you make room for what is. An empowered woman trusts her own inner voice and she follows that voice where ever that may lead her.

3.  She honours herself

Empowered women love and honour themselves. They understand their bodies and appreciate their cycles. An empowered woman listens to her own body and makes healthy life affirming choices for herself on all levels.

4.  She takes a stand

An empowered woman knows what she stands for, and so does everyone else. She takes a stand for what she believes in. She embodies her message and her life is a testament to her cause. An empowered woman refuses to be a victim, and she speaks her truth and sets healthy boundaries.

5.  She empowers other women

We are most empowered when we come together and support each other. One of the most common societal illusions is that other women are our competition, or that another woman’s beauty and success threatens ours in some way.  With empowered women, this is simply NOT TRUE! Jealousy comes from a sense of lack, which is an illusion.

There is more than enough time and space for all of us to shine. We are unique in every way. No one else’s brilliance can possibly compete with our own individual gifts and beauty.

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