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Writing as Meditation… – Mad Mischief

Writing can be a potent meditation practice and process of self inquiry that sharpens our attention to the present moment. Even a practice of 10 minutes a day can have a meaningful impact in your life.

Writers will particularly find this practice beneficial, as the resulting material that comes through you will be rich and inspiring.

You can begin right away with the following simple steps:

  1. Start with taking 10-20 deep breaths and sitting in silence for 5 – 10 minutes to help quiet your mind. Set an intention to receive whatever your inner mind is ready to give you, to open the channel to your higher creative capacities.
  2. Then start writing with a 10-15 minute timer! Write freely without stopping, whatever comes to your mind, even if it seems like gibberish at first. The subconscious mind has a unique way of talking to us and we have to give it plenty of room to let it forth. Plus, this exercise can be critical for quieting the inner critic who can put a damper on the genius that is trying to come through. You could even start with a prompter of “Right now…” and just write whatever comes to you. If you hit a pause, write the prompter again, and begin again.
  3. When the timer ends, take a few breaths and then read what you wrote, and really receive the words that have come. Give it some space. Do a few more rounds of this practice until you feel complete. Then walk away from it.
  4. Come back to your writings later and, without judging, just receive what is on the paper. In due time you will see patterns emerging, and you will begin to connect the dots. Now is the time to bring in the analytical mind to put structure to your composition.
  5. From there, you can edit, and share your work with another, such as a fellow writer, coach, or editor who can offer insight as to where to take your particular writing piece next.

The most important aspect of this practice is that it be REGULAR. It is only with consistent application that you will begin to really open the valves to your creative mind. You will find it easier and easier to access those gems that lie hidden within you. Plus, it can be such a truly meaningful way to connect with your higher spiritual faculties and innermost self. The peace and satisfaction from this practice can be truly satisfying and joyful!

Happy writing!

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