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Mad Mischief – A Novel by Susan St. John

Mad Mischief features the shimmering beauty and primal power of sub-Saharan Africa as the setting for a story of love, deceit, obsession and ultimately, escape and redemption.

Mad Mischief

“Susan St. John is a natural born story-teller.”
– Elizabeth A. Saghi, CFP

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Awards & Accolades


2017 New Apple Literary Award – Solo “Medalist Winner” in the Psychological Suspense Category

Santa Barbara Magazine Beautiful Reads – Winter 2017 Edition

Spirited Woman Book Award


2018 Somerset Awards

2018 CIPY Envy Award – Contemporary & Literary Fiction

2018 EPIC eBook Award Contest

Independent Author Network


Eric Hoffer Book Award
Independent Press Award
Independent Publisher Book Award.
Shelf Unbound Best Indie/Self-Published Book Competition
Reader’s Favorite Book Review and Award Contest

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Love, Deceit, Obsession, Escape and Redemption

Mad Mischief is the haunting tale of Sarah – a woman struggling with the self-absorbed behavior of her husband and their erratic safari guide, the unscrupulous actions of a Nairobi shopkeeper, and the enigmatic behavior of a world-renowned photographer who inexplicably appears when she is in desperate need of a guardian angel.

Mad Mischief is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.  

Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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Susan St. John
About The Author

Susan St. John has a wealth of corporate and personal experiences she drew upon to create a captivating first novel, “Mad Mischief.” Realizing that life itself is a journey, she used lessons and character insights from her various roles as a Vice President of Sales, securities broker, and entrepreneur to create the rich saga of a woman on a transformational African safari.

What people say…

avatar“Susan St. John is a natural born story-teller. Mad Mischief is a rich mixture of adventure, love, sadness and finally healing. We travel with Sarah as she discovers Kenya and a life so different from anything she’s ever known but her openness and generosity of spirit propels her right into the heart of the country and its people.” -

Elizabeth A. Saghi, CFP
avatarMad Mischief, a passionate novel written with grace and humility, takes us on a mesmerizng rollercoaster of a journey into the wild grandeur of Sub-Saharan Africa, as a deeply introspective woman driven into a hallucinatory state by a dangerous mixture of anti-depressants and anti-malarial drugs battles the misogynistic behavior of her husband and her Safari guide.  With her very survival at stake, she can only rely upon her inner strength, which becomes increasingly fragile, as she attempts against all odds to stay one step ahead of disaster.

J. A. Ted Baer, Entertainment attorney / Writer.
avatar“One woman's adventure to the edge of her own sanity...gripping, and hauntingly poetic…”

Tom Mielko, Artist
avatarSusan St. John is an extremely talented novelist, with the ability to render her thoughts as images.  "Mad Mischief" is her soul portrait, yet also the soul of the reader, as phenomenal as herself:  Beauty; Passion; Courage & Resilience.

Alicia St. John
Aes D'ana Publishing
avatarAll of the predators on the Serengeti are not necessarily four legged. They have two-legged counterparts in Nairobi and Mombasa searching the streets for weakness within that herd. Sara's limp was only visible to the most astute hunters. Ms. St. John's descriptive abilities allow the reader to see past the greed and malice of her characters and reveal the conflict within us all.

David O'Malley
Real Estate Executive and Voracious Reader
avatarMad Mischief got me hooked in the first few pages. I was immediately involved with the characters, along with a sense of danger and intrigue jumping off of the pages.. It created a sense of urgency in me to keep reading to see what happens. I can't wait to get the book and see what happens. Bravo to Ms St. John!

Doralee Jacobson
Restaurant Owner and Philanthropist
avatarMad Mischief is a thrilling, beautifully written book that is engrossing from start to finish and worth reading by a tourist whose final destination is Kenya,the home of the best wildlife reserves and scenery in the world.

Meshack Nico Orwa
Susan's unique way of story telling is unparalleled by any writer. She weaves a web and catches you off guard at the least expected moment in time. One wonders how humans can be the main characters in an African story but Susan can and thrill you with this twisted insane story. I bet you will not be able to put the book down and if you do it will not be further than 5 feet from you at all times. Thank you Susan

David Gackenbach
Ms. St. John is an incredibly bright human being with passion for all living things, not just beings....Her story will take you on a journey that you could only imagine...she stamps it on your of all to the master of Mad Mischief!

Mr. Bernard Sandler aka SIR
Ms. St. John writes with unmistakable descriptive prose that will make you feel that you are there experiencing the moment!

Crayton Smith
Excellent novel written by Susan St. John, Montecito author. Vivid imagery and captivating storyline that will keep you engaged until the last page. A must read!

Taylor Reaume
Susan St John writes with great verve and style. This is the compulsively readable story of an over-the-edge character whose vivid experiences feel strangely intimate, although she is far from the author I know. Bravo, Susan, may Sarah live many lives in many media…especially in print, but then who knows what can follow?

Derek Power
Sarah is a hero who is unrecognizable as such until the end…after she has battled through two medications working at cross purposes in her head and endured men who cannot help her and, in fact, exacerbate the situation. She proves that the true spirit can prevail. This is one of the most engrossing stories I have ever read.

Carol DeuPree
avatarA great read! Taking the path less traveled is the emotional storyboard Susan has done so well to express in Sarah's journey. Its written with a colorful and vivid style that keeps you engaged like your there at Sarah's side in Africa and in her heart and in her mind. Well done!

Joe Alexopoulos
avatarMad Mischief drew me in from the first chapter. The characters take form immediately, and the story commands to be read in all of its energy and intrigue. Thank you Susan St. John – where will you take us next!

Sarah Lewis
Taking the path less traveled is the emotional storyboard Susan has done so well to express in Sarah's journey. Its written with a colorful and vivid style that keeps you engaged like your there at Sarah's side in Africa and in her heart and in her mind. Well done!

I was mildly interested when I picked it up, my mom recommended it. But, after starting it, I couldn't put it down until I finished it. It had a compelling story, beautiful descriptions and relatable characters. I was so moved by the story and the country, that I have started planning my own trip to Africa. I have been recommending this to all of my friends to read, because it moved me so much. I highly recommend this book. I hardly ever write reviews, but this book needs to be read and shared.

She had me at Africa.. and then it just got better. Brilliant character depiction, the whole country and story came alive for me as I read it. I understand this is her first novel... where have you been hiding, Susan
Hope there is a sequel .....

Bernard Katz
A compelling story of journey, conflict and strong characters. The author is a master wordsmith. This was also a good way to learn about African people, countries and of course animals, very enlightening. Hope Sarah found a smoother road back in the USA!

I thought that Mad Mischief was a terrific view of a journey to Africa. My kids have visited there but I have not yet. After reading Mad Mischief I am adding a trip to Africa to my bucket list. Susan St. John shared Sarah's personal adventure and made me wish that I had gone along. Karen Drown

Amazon Customer
This book was absolutely spellbinding. I couldn't put it down. The author writes a compelling portrait of Africa. It makes me want to visit there.
I really enjoyed Mad Mischief.

K. Miller
Ms. St. John's descriptive abilities surpass mere character development. You will SEE the people with whom Sarah interacts and you will SEE Africa!

Gourmet Guy

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