Gratitude goes a long way in healing…

I am grateful

During this season of Thanksgiving, we can utilize the power of GRATITUDE to heal our lives. My novel, Mad Mischief, is inspired by a true story of healing from a life threatening condition: bi-polar disorder. So the subject of mental wellness and healing is near to my heart. I myself have found gratitude to be an indispensable tool for recovering from old wounds of the past and moving forward to brighter futures. Here are a few key and simple ways you can incorporate this age old tool:

  1. Keep a gratitude journal:  the mind creates more of what is focused upon. I even have one friend who writes down his ‘wins’ every night before bed. This seeds the promise of more good to come in the subconscious mind and trains the brain to always look for what is going well.
  2. Celebrate small victories:  even getting the laundry and dishes done can be a huge accomplishment if you happen to be struggling from depression of any kind. And focusing on one small but achievable task can build confidence to tackle the larger things in life.
  3. Notice the gratitude of others:  many social media platforms have groups based in gratitude and positive mental focus. Avail yourself of any and all of these so you can connect with others who are building upon the daily wins of life. Surround yourself with community that focuses on gratitude and wellness. There are many meditation groups who have a specific meditation based upon thankfulness and good will towards others.
  4. Pay it forward: if you have been uplifted by the action or inspiration of another, be sure to pay it forward to someone else in need. Be there for a friend to offer your own experience and hope. As the saying goes “what goes around comes around” The more we spread joy, the more joy we are likely to experience.

I wish you all a magnificent season of Thanksgiving!