Write Your Novel in 2023!

Write your novel in 2023

When I set out to write Mad Mischief, I did not have any blueprint to follow other than the murmuring of my own heart to put down into words the vision I had for this story. While there are many self help books out there to get you started, the most important is to START! Just start writing and let your project take you on the journey it’s meant to. These things have a life of their own. Outside of that, I do have a few additional suggestions to motivate you:

  1. Set a  daily word count goal. Just 700 words a day, 350 days a year, results in 245,000 words. You add that up over a bit of time and you may have several books written!
  2. Set up an accountability structure. Hire a coach or an accountability partner. Nothing can motivate us faster than knowing that we have a firm deadline to meet and someone waiting for us. The best writers and really the people who excel in any endeavor have coaches and accountability partners or teams!
  3. Have your cover designed by a professional. This will give a sense of reality to your project, you can see it coming into full fruition, you can see it lining the shelves of bookstores… And hire someone who’s ability really inspires you – don’t chimp on this one. After all this is YOUR baby!

Above all, KEEP GOING! You and your project are worth it.

Happy New Year and Happy Writing!